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MBRD1035CTL Даташит - Motorola => Freescale

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MBRD1035CTL SWITCHMODE Schottky Power Rectifier Motorola
Motorola => Freescale Motorola
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MBRD1035CTL Datasheet PDF : MBRD1035CTL pdf   
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SWITCHMODE Schottky Power Rectifier
DPAK Power Surface Mount Package

. . . employing the Schottky Barrier principle in a large area metal–to–silicon power diode. State of the art geometry features epitaxial construction with oxide passivation and metal overlay contact. Ideally suited for low voltage, high frequency switching power supplies, free wheeling diode and polarity protection diodes.

• Highly Stable Oxide Passivated Junction
• Guardring for Stress Protection
• Matched dual die construction
   – May be Paralleled for High Current Output
• High dv/dt Capability
• Short Heat Sink Tap Manufactured – Not Sheared
• Very Low Forward Voltage Drop
• Epoxy Meets UL94, VO at 1/8”

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