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TS-400-LI2UPN8X-H1141 Datasheet PDF - Turck, Inc.

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TS-400-LI2UPN8X-H1141 Datasheet PDF : TS-400-LI2UPN8X-H1141 pdf     
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General description
The TS series is a compact processing unit with a 4-digit, 7-segment display. Available are versions with non-rotatable (TS400) or rotatable (TS500) body and various output types.

■ Reading of adjusted values without
■ Recessed pushbutton and keylock for
   secure programming
■ Permanent display of temperature unit
   (°C, °F, K, Ohm)
■ Temperature peak memory


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Temperature measurement with current output and PNP/NPN transistor switching output
Turck, Inc.
2-Output Switching Regulator
ROHM Semiconductor
2-Wire, Current Output Temperature Transducer
Temperature measurement 2 PNP/NPN transistor switching outputs
Turck, Inc.
Frequency transducer with transistor switching output
Phoenix Contact
Temperature sensor with frequency output
Maxim Integrated
Low Cost, Current Output Temperature Transducer
Analog Devices
Isolated Current Output
Analog Devices
Ultra Small Analog Output Temperature Sensor with Alarm Output Pin
Digital Output Temperature Sensor ( Rev : 2011 )
ON Semiconductor

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