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HLMP-RB11 Даташит - HP => Agilent Technologies

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HLMP-RB11 4 mm Oval Precision Optical Performance LED Lamps HP
HP => Agilent Technologies HP
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HLMP-RB11 Datasheet PDF : HLMP-RB11 pdf   
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These Precision Optical Performance Oval LEDs are specifically designed for Full Color/Video and Passenger Information signs. The oval shaped radiation pattern (60° x 120°) and high luminous intensity ensure that these devices are excellent for wide field of view outdoor applications where a wide viewing angle and readability in sunlight are essential. These lamps have very smooth, matched radiation patterns ensuring consistent color mixing in full color applications, message uniformity across the viewing angle of the sign.

• Well defined spatial radiation pattern
• Viewing angle:
   major axis 120°
   minor axis 60°
• High luminous output
• Two red and amber intensity levels
   AlInGaP (bright) and
   AlInGaP II (brightest)
• Colors
   626/630 nm red
   590/592 nm amber
   526 nm green
   470 nm blue
• Superior resistance to moisture
• UV resistant epoxy

• Viewing angle designed for wide
   field of view applications
• Superior performance for outdoor
• Radiation pattern matched for red,
   green, and blue for full color sign

• Full color signs

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