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HLMA-CH00 T-13/4 (5 mm), T-1 (3 mm), High Performance AlInGaP LED Lamps HP
HP => Agilent Technologies HP
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HLMA-CH00 Datasheet PDF : HLMA-CH00 pdf   
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These untinted, non-diffused, solid state lamps utilize the latest absorbing/transparent substrate aluminum indium gallium phosphide (AS/TS AlInGaP) LED technology. These materials have a very high luminous efficiency, capable of producing high light output over a wide range of drive currents. In addition, these LED lamps are at wavelengths ranging from amber to reddish orange and at viewing angles ranging from 7 to 45 degrees.

• Outstanding LED Material Efficiency
• High Light Output over a Wide Range of Currents
• Low Electrical Power Dissipation
• CMOS/MOS Compatible
• Colors: 590/592 nm Amber, 615/617 nm and 622 nm Reddish-Orange
• Variety of Packages Available

• Outdoor Message Boards
• Safety Lighting Equipment
• Signaling Applications
• Emitter for Emitter/Detector Applications
• Changeable Message Signs
• Portable Equipment
• Medical Equipment
• Automotive Lighting
• Alternative to Incandescent Lamps


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