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BULD85 Datasheet PDF : BULD85 pdf     
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The new BULDxx range of transistors have been designed specifically for use in High Frequency Electronic Ballasts (HFEB’s). This range of switching transistors has tightly controlled storage times and an integrated fast trr anti parallel diode. The revolutionary design ensures that the diode has both fast forward and reverse recovery times, achieving the same performance as a discrete anti-parallel diode plus transistor. The integrated diode has minimal charge coupling with the transistor, increasing frequency stability, especially in lower power circuits where the circulating currents are low. By design, this new device offers a voltage matched integrated transistor and anti-parallel diode.

● Designed Specifically for High Frequency Electronic Ballasts
● Integrated Fast trr Anti-Parallel Diode, Enhancing Reliability
● Diode trr Typically 1 µs
● Tightly Controlled Transistor Storage Times
● Voltage Matched Integrated Transistor and Diode
● Characteristics Optimised for Cool Running
● Diode-Transistor Charge Coupling Minimised to Enhance Frequency Stability


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