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RT8885A Даташит - Richtek Technology

Номер детали объяснение производитель
RT8885A RICHTEK RT8885A CPU - RT8885A / RT8885AZQW QFN IC Richtek
Richtek Technology Richtek
RT8885A image

1. 12V Power Supply Voltage
2. 2 Phase Power Conversion
3. Embedded 12V Boot Strapped Driver
4. Precise Core Voltage Regulation
5. Low Side MOSFET RDS(ON) Current Sensing for Power Stage Current Balance
6. External Compensation
7. Adjustable Soft-Start
8. Adjustable Frequency and Typical at 300kHz Per  Phase
9. Power Good Indication
10. Adjustable Over Current Protection
11. External Reference Voltage Tracking (RT8805CxQVA)
12. Small 16-Lead and 24-Lead VQFN Packages
13. RoHS Compliant and 100% Lead (Pb)-Free

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