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BA5973FP Даташит - ROHM Semiconductor

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ROHM Semiconductor ROHM
Описание (Функция)3-channel BTL driver for CD, CD-ROM, DVD, and DVD-ROM
BA5973FP PDF Даташит : BA5973FP pdf   
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The BA5973FP is a 3-channel BTL driver developed for use as the actuator and loading motor driver for CD and DVD players. Since the gain and frequency characteristics for the actuator can be set to any desired value with external components, it is can be used in a wide range of applications.

● Features
1) 3-channel BTL driver for CD players.
2) The HSOP-28 package allows for the design of smaller sets.
3) Internal thermal shutdown circuit with hysteresis.

〈Actuator driver〉
4) Gain is adjustable with external resistor.
5) Contains both positive and negative input systems
   for compatibility with a variety of input formats such
   as reverse phase input.

〈Loading driver〉
6) Internal brake function.
7) Internal back-rush voltage protection diode.

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