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MP96X-2 Даташит - PerkinElmer Inc

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MP96X-2 Single Photon Counting Module for Particle Measurement PerkinElmer
PerkinElmer Inc PerkinElmer
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MP96X-2 Datasheet PDF : MP96X-2 pdf   
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The Photon Counting module series MP96X-2 / MP97X-2 is specially designed for particle measurement with 530 nm and 632 nm lasers. Based on the standard multialkali photocathode, the sensitive diameter is reduced to 2mm in order to achieve an excellent low dark count performance. With an optional SMA adapter, also a fiber read out is possible.

• Specially selected for best performance @ 530 nm / 632 nm
• Low dark counts
• Very high stability in noise level
• Exceptional low after pulses
• Extended red sensitivity
• No cooling required
• Active quenching circuit for high light protection
• Optical fiber read-out possible
• 5 volts operating voltage


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