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MCM69L738AZP8.5 Даташит - Motorola => Freescale

Номер в каталогеMCM69L738AZP8.5 Motorola
Motorola => Freescale Motorola
Описание (Функция)4M Late Write 2.5 V I/O
MCM69L738AZP8.5 PDF Даташит : MCM69L738AZP8.5 pdf   
MCM69L738AZP8.5 image

The MCM69L738A/820A is a 4 megabit synchronous late write fast static RAM designed to provide high performance in secondary cache and ATM switch, Telecom, and other high speed memory applications. The MCM69L820A organized as 256K words by 18 bits, and the MCM69L738A organized as 128K words by 36 bits wide are fabricated in Motorola’s high performance silicon gate BiCMOS technology.
• Byte Write Control
• Single 3.3 V + 10%, – 5% Operation
• 2.5 V I/O (VDDQ)
• Register to Latch Synchronous Operation
• Asynchronous Output Enable
• Boundary Scan (JTAG) IEEE 1149.1 Compatible
• Differential Clock Inputs
• Optional x18 or x36 organization
• MCM69L738A/820A–8.5 = 8.5 ns
    MCM69L738A/820A–9 = 9 ns
    MCM69L738A/820A–9.5 = 9.5 ns
• Sleep Mode Operation (ZZ Pin)
• 119 Bump, 50 mil (1.27 mm) Pitch, 14 mm x 22 mm Plastic Ball Grid Array
    (PBGA) Package


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