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2031-6330-00 Datasheet PDF - Tyco Electronics

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2031-6330-00 3 dB Hybrid Couplers Macom
Tyco Electronics Macom
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2031-6330-00 Datasheet PDF : 2031-6330-00 pdf   
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3 dB quadrature mini-hybrids are the ultimate in compact,  rugged  high  stress  environment
components. The crossover feature of the location of both outputs on one side allows simplicity in
system or subsystem design. Multi-octave coverage of the complete frequency spectrum, along with high isolation performance, qualifies them as an asset to any system.

•  90° Quadrature Phase
•  Frequency Range: 0.05 - 18 GHz
•  Temperature Range: -65°C to 125°C
•  Meets MIL-E-5400 Environments
•  Non-crossover Versions Available


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