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Номер в каталогеSD211DE MICROSS
Micross Components MICROSS
Описание (Функция)N-Channel Lateral DMOS Switch - Zener Protected
SD211DE PDF Даташит : SD211DE pdf   
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The SD211DE / SD213DE / SD215DE are enhancement-mode MOSFETs designed for high speed low-glitch switching in audio, video and high-frequency applications. The family is normally used for ±5V analog switching or as a high speed driver of the SD214. These MOSFETs utilize lateral construction to achieve low capacitance and ultra-fast switching speeds. An integrated Zener diode provides ESD protection A poly-silicon gate is featured for manufacturing reliability.
See SD5000 and SD54000 series for quad configurations.
For non-zener protected versions see SD210DE / SD214DE series

▪ Ultra-High Speed Switching—tON: 1ns
▪ Ultra-Low Reverse Capacitance: 0.2pF
▪ Low Guaranteed RDS @5V
▪ Low Turn‐On Threshold Voltage (1.5V max)
▪ N-Channel Enhancement Mode

▪ High-Speed System Performance
▪ Low Insertion Loss at High Frequencies
▪ Low Transfer Signal Loss
▪ Single Supply Operation & Simple Driver Requirement

▪ Fast Analog Switching
▪ Fast Sample & Holds
▪ Pixel-Rate Switching
▪ DAC Deglitchers
▪ High-Speed Driver

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