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2089 Даташит - M/A-COM Technology Solutions, Inc.

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2089 Two-, Four-, & Eight-Way Isolated Power Dividers Wilkinson MA-COM
M/A-COM Technology Solutions, Inc. MA-COM
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2089 Datasheet PDF : 2089 pdf   
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Description and Applications
This series of two-way, in-phase stripline power dividers demonstrates excellent performance as well as small size and light weight. These octave and multi-octave power dividers have high isolation, low VSWR and excellent amplitude and phase balance.

•  Excellent Amplitude and Phase Balance
•  High Isolation between Output Ports
•  Low VSWR, Small Size and Light Weight
•  Octave and Multi-Octave Frequency Coverage
•  Power: 10 Watts Input Maximum with Matched Terminations

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