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HA13571FR Даташит - Hitachi -> Renesas Electronics

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HA13571FR Combo (Spindle & VCM) Driver for HDD Hitachi
Hitachi -> Renesas Electronics Hitachi
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HA13571FR Datasheet PDF : HA13571FR pdf   
HA13571FR image

The HA13571FR is combination of Spindle and VCM Driver designed for HDD and have following functions and features.

• Low thermal resistance package (θj-a ≤ 25°C/W)
• Full programable commutation structure
• Low output saturation voltage
    - Spindle motor driver
    - VCM driver
• Built-in PWM DAC with filter
• Low noise drive by soft switching

• 2.2 A/phase spindle motor driver
• 1.5 A VCM driver
• Soft switching control circuit
• B-EMF detection circuit
• Selectable PWM or linear drive (spindle motor driver)
• Power down brake & retract
• PWM DAC & filter (VCM driver)
• 5 V, 12 V power supply monitor
• Watch dog timer


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