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KA7500B Даташит - Fairchild Semiconductor

Номер в каталогеKA7500B Fairchild
Fairchild Semiconductor Fairchild
Описание (Функция)SMPS Controller
KA7500B PDF Даташит : KA7500B pdf   
KA7500BD image

The KA7500B is used for the control circuit of the PWM switching regulator. The KA7500B consists of 5V reference voltage circuit, two error amplifiers, a flip flop, an output control circuit, a PWM comparator, a dead time comparator and an oscillator. This device can be operated in the switching frequency of 1kHz to 300kHz.

• Internal Regulator Provides a Stable 5V Reference Supply
   Trimmed to 5%
• Uncommitted Output TR for 200mA Sink or Source
• Output Control For Push-Pull or Single Ended Operation
• Variable Duty Cycle By Dead Time Control (Pin 4)
   Complete PWM Control Circuit
• On-Chip Oscillator With Master or Slave Operation
• Internal Circuit Prohibits Double Pulse at Either Output


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