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FPF2163 Datasheet PDF : FPF2163 pdf     
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General Description
The FPF2163, FPF2164, and FPF2165 is a series of load switches which provides full protection to systems and loads which may encounter large current conditions. These devices contain a 0.12Ωcurrent-limited P-channel MOSFET which can operate over an input voltage range of 1.8-5.5V. Internally, current is prevented from flowing when the MOSFET is off and the output voltage is higher than the input voltage. Switch control is by a logic input (ON)capable of interfacing directly
with low voltage control signals. Each part contains thermal shutdown protection which shuts off the switch to prevent damage to the part when a continuous over-current condition causes excessive heating.

„1.8 to 5.5V Input Voltage Range
„Controlled Turn-On
„0.15-1.5A Adjustable Current Limit
„Undervoltage Lockout
„Thermal Shutdown
„<2uA Shutdown Current
„Auto Restart
„Fast Current limit Response Time
  „5us to Moderate Over Current
„  30ns to Hard Shorts
„Fault Blanking
„Reverse Current Blocking
„RoHS Compliant

„Cell Phones
„GPS Devices
„MP3 Players
„Digital Cameras
„Peripheral Ports
„Hot Swap Supplies

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Full-Function Load Switch with Adjustable Current Limit
ON Semiconductor
High-Accuracy, High-Side, Adjustable Current Limit Power Switch
GU (General Use) Type 2-Channel (Form A) Current Limit Function Type
Matsushita Electric Works
GU (General Use) Type 1-Channel (Form A) Current Limit Function 4-Pin Type
Matsushita Electric Works
Programmable Current Limit High-Side Switch
5 V to 20 V Adjustable LDO with Adjustable Current Limit and 3.3 V Logic Compatible Enable Input
ON Semiconductor
5 V to 20 V Adjustable LDO with Adjustable Current Limit and 3.3 V Logic Compatible Enable Input
ON Semiconductor
5V, 1A- 5A Programmable Current Limit Switch
Monolithic Power Systems
2 A, High-Side P-Channel Switch with Current Limit and Thermal Shutdown
Analog Devices
2 Cell, Adjustable Output, High Current Boost Regulator with Load Disconnect
Micro Linear Corporation

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