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What is PSD?
Various methods are available for detecting the position of incident light. These include methods using small discrete detector arrays or multi-element sensors such as CCD sensors. In contrast to these sensors, PSDs (Position Sensitive Detectors) are comprised of a monolithic detector with no discrete elements and provide continuous position data by making use of the surface resistance of the photodiode. PSDs offer advantages such as high position resolution, high-speed response and reliability.

■ Features of PSD
· Excellent position resolution
· Wide spectral response range
· High-speed response
· Detects center-of-gravity position of spot light
· Simultaneously detects light intensity and center-of-gravity position of spot light
· High reliability

■ Applications of PSD
· Position and angle sensing
· Distortion and vibration measurements
· Lens reflection and refraction measurements
· Laser displacement sensing
· Optical remote control
· Optical range finders
· Optical switches
· Camera auto focusing


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