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ALFG1PF09 Ideal for solar inverter compact size, 1a 22A/33A power relays LF-G RELAYS (ALFG) ETC
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ALFG1PF09 Datasheet PDF : ALFG1PF09 pdf   
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• High capacity
   High capacity control possible at 22A/
   33A (High capacity type) 250V AC rating
   in compact size (L: 15.7 × W: 30.1 ×
   H: 23.3 mm L: .618 × W: 1.185 × H: .917
• Contact gap: 1.5 mm .059 inch and
   1.8 mm*** .071 inch
   Compliant with European photovoltaic
   standard (IEC62109* and VDE0126**).
   * Safety standard of PV power inverter
   ** German safety standard of PV power inverter
   *** Due to addition of altitude stipulation (2,000 m
   6,561.68 ft or more) to IEC62109.
   EN61810-1 certified: 2.5 kV surge
   breakdown voltage (between contacts)
• High insulation resistance
   Creepage distance between contact and
   coil terminal: Min. 9.5 mm .354 inch
   Clearance distance between contact and
   coil terminal: Min. 6.5 mm .256 inch
   Surge breakdown voltage: 6 kV
• Coil holding voltage contributes to
   saving energy of equipment
   The coil holding voltage can be reduced
   up to 35%V of the nominal coil voltage
   (Ambient temperature: 20°C 68°F).
   Power consumption at the lowest coil
   holding voltage: 170 mW equivalent
   *Coil holding voltage is the coil voltage
   after 100 ms from the applied nominal
   coil voltage.
   *When the ambient temperature during
   use is 85°C 185°F, make the coil holding
   voltage between 45% and 80%V of the
   nominal coil voltage.
• Conforms to various safety
   UL/C-UL and VDE approved

• Photovoltaic power generation
   systems (Power conditioner)
• Uninterruptible Power Supplies
• Home appliances
• Office equipment

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