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AOT1606L Даташит - Alpha and Omega Semiconductor

Номер в каталогеОписание (Функция)производитель
AOT1606L 60V N-Channel Rugged Planar MOSFET AOSMD
Alpha and Omega Semiconductor AOSMD
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AOT1606L Datasheet PDF : AOT1606L pdf   
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General Description
The AOT1606L/AOB1606L uses a robust technology that is designed to provide efficient and reliable power conversion even in the most demanding applications, including motor control. With low RDS(ON) and excellent thermal capability this device is appropriate for high current switching and can endure adverse operating conditions.

Product Summary
    VDS                                        60V
    ID (at VGS=10V)                    178A
    RDS(ON) (at VGS=10V)         < 6.3mΩ

    100% UIS Tested
    100% Rg Tested


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