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ADD5205ACPZ Даташит - Analog Devices

Номер в каталогеADD5205ACPZ ADI
Analog Devices ADI
Описание (Функция)Four-String White LED Driver
ADD5205ACPZ PDF Даташит : ADD5205ACPZ pdf   
ADD5205 image

The ADD5205is a white LED driver for backlight applications based on high efficiency, current mode, step-up converter technology. It is designed with a 0.3 Ω internal switch and 1 MHz fixed operating frequency. The ADD5205contains four regulated constant current sources for uniform brightness intensity. Each current source is capable of driving up to 25 mA. 

White LED driver based on inductive boost converter
  Input voltage range: 2.8 V to 18 V
  Internal compensation
  1 MHz fixed operating frequency
  28 V fixed overvoltage protection
  Built-in soft start for boost converter
Drives up to 4 LED current sources
  LED current adjustable up to 25 mA for each channel
  DC current level brightness control with PWM input
  LED open fault protection
  Thermal shutdown
  Undervoltage lockout
  12-lead, 3 mm × 3 mm × 0.75 mm LFCSP package

Smart PCs, PMPs, tablet PCs, UMPCs, and notebooks

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