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AD5791 Datasheet PDF - Analog Devices

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AD5791 1 ppm 20-Bit, ±1 LSB INL, Voltage Output DAC ADI
Analog Devices ADI
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AD5791 Datasheet PDF : AD5791 pdf   
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The AD57911 is a single 20-bit, unbuffered voltage-output DAC that operates from a bipolar supply of up to 33 V. The AD5791 accepts a positive reference input in the range 5 V to VDD − 2.5 V and a negative reference input in the range VSS + 2.5 V to 0 V. The AD5791 offers a relative accuracy specification of ±1 LSB max, and operation is guaranteed monotonic with a ±1 LSB DNL maximum specification.
The part uses a versatile 3-wire serial interface that operates at clock rates up to 35 MHz and that is compatible with standard SPI, QSPI™, MICROWIRE™, and DSP interface standards. The part incorporates a power-on reset circuit that ensures the DAC output powers up to 0 V and in a known output impedance state and remains in this state until a valid write to the device takes place. The part provides an output clamp feature that places the output in a defined load state.

1. 1 ppm Accuracy.
2. Wide Power Supply Range up to ±16.5 V.
3. Operating Temperature Range: −40°C to +125°C.
4. Low 7.5 nV/√Hz Noise Spectral Density.
5. Low 0.05 ppm/°C Temperature Drift.

  1 ppm resolution
  1 ppm INL
  7.5 nV/√Hz noise spectral density
  0.19 LSB long-term linearity stability
  <0.05 ppm/°C temperature drift
  1 µs settling time
  1.4 nV-sec glitch impulse
  Operating temperature range: −40°C to +125°C
  20-lead TSSOP package
  Wide power supply range up to ±16.5 V
  35 MHz Schmitt triggered digital interface
  1.8 V compatible digital interface
  Medical instrumentation
  Test and measurement
  Industrial control
  High end scientific and aerospace instrumentation

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