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AD1403 Даташит - Analog Devices

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AD1403 Low Cost, Precision 2.5 V IC References ADI
Analog Devices ADI
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AD1403 Datasheet PDF : AD1403 pdf   
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The AD1403 and AD1403A are improved three-terminal, low cost, temperature compensated, bandgap voltage references that provide a fixed 2.5 V output voltage for inputs between 4.5 V
and 40 V. A unique combination of advanced circuit design and laser-wafer-trimmed thin-film resistors provides the AD1403/AD1403A with an initial tolerance of ±10 mV and a temperature stability of better than 25 ppm/°C. In addition, the low quiescent current drain of 1.5 mA (max) offers a clear advantage over classical Zener techniques.

Improved, Lower Cost, Replacements for Standard 1403, 1403A
3-Terminal Device: Voltage In/Voltage Out
Laser Trimmed to High Accuracy: 2.500 V 6 10 mV(AD1403A)
Excellent Temperature Stability: 25 ppm/8C (AD1403A)
Low Quiescent Current: 1.5 mA max
10 mA Current Output Capability
Low Cost
Convenient Mini-DIP Package

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