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Компоненты Описание : Digital Isolator Product Selection and Resource Guide

Digital Isolators with iCoupler® technology enable designers to implement isolation in designs without the cost, size, power, performance, and reliability constraints found with optocouplers. iCoupler Digital Isolators also meet the wide range of creepage/clearance requirements and are the industry’s only Digital Isolators with certifed 8 mm creepage. With more than half a billion channels shipped into the feld, these magnetically isolated Products meet the same rigid safety standards as optocouplers.

Portfolio Offerings
• Single and multichannel data Isolators
Digital Isolators with isolated power: isoPower®
• USB Isolators
• Isolated gate drivers
• I2C® Digital Isolators
• Isolated CAN transceivers
• Isolated RS-485 transceivers
• Isolated RS-232 transceivers
• Isolated Σ-∆ modulators

Wide Range of Applications
With over 750 million channels of isolation shipped into the feld, iCoupler Digital Isolators are used in applications such as:
• Medical devices
• Power supply/regulation systems
• Instrumentation devices
• Networking equipment
• Metering
• Battery charging systems
• Light and building controls
• Industrial process controls
• Motor drives
• Solar/wind energy
• Communications
• Industrial feld buses
• Automotive systems
• All iCoupler devices can undergo
   AEC-Q100 automotive qualifcation.
   Please contact your local sales
   representative for more information.

Номер в каталоге(s) : MIP290
Panasonic Corporation
Компоненты Описание : Semiconductor Selection Guide

Semiconductor Selection Guide

Microcomputers, Bipolar ICs, Discrete Semiconductors

Компоненты Описание : LIGHT EMITTING DOIDE TYPE Selection Guide



Panasonic Corporation
Компоненты Описание : TRANSISTORS (Selection Guide BY APPLICATIONS and FUNCTIONS)


Silicon Large Power Transistors

Silicon Power Transistors for Audio

Номер в каталоге(s) : AD8591SD AD8592SD AD8594SD AD85052
Analog Devices
Компоненты Описание : Operational Amplifiers Selection Guide

Analog Devices Provides Amplifiers for Every Application

Why are there so many different types of operational amplifiers (op amps)? Here at Analog Devices our engineers continue the pursuit of the illusive ideal op amp. and while we’re extremely close to its realization, unfortunately it still exists only in textbooks. That is why we are committed to offering such a broad portfolio of op amps to meet the many and varied needs of our customers.

Selecting an op amp is no trivial task: with so many different types of amplifiers, categories, architectures, and parameters to choose from, the process can be difficult. Each customer and application requires slightly different performance. It doesn’t matter whether you’re designing a coffee maker (yes, op amps can be found in coffee makers) or the next generation medical imaging system, Analog Devices has the right amplifier to meet your needs.

This document will help you quickly and easily identify the right op amp(s) for your application. Inside you’ll find a list of op amp terminology and processes used to fabricate the ICs, a variety of Selection tables, application Guides, design tools, and a handy detachable op amp reference wall chart. We hope you’ll refer to this Selection Guide often and that it provides you with a better understanding and appreciation of op amps and their many applications.

Компоненты Описание : SEMICONDUCTOR Product Guide

02 ~03 SEMICONDUCTOR Product Guide

Компоненты Описание : Light-to-Digital Output Sensor with Address Selection, High Sensitivity, Gain Selection, Interrupt Function and I2C Interface

Light-to-Digital Output Sensor with Address Selection, High Sensitivity, Gain Selection, Interrupt Function and I2C Interface

The ISL29004 is an integrated light sensor with a 16-bit integrating type ADC, I2C user programmable Lux range select for optimized counts/Lux, and I2C multi-function control and monitoring capabilities. The internal ADC provides 16-bit resolution while rejecting 50Hz and 60Hz flicker caused by artificial light sources.

• Range select via I2C
    - Range1 = 1000Lux
    - Range2 = 4000Lux
    - Range3 = 16,000Lux
    - Range4 = 64,000Lux
• Human eye response (540nm peak sensitivity)
• Temperature compensated
• 16-bit resolution
• Adjustable resolution: up to 65 counts per Lux
• User-programmable upper and lower threshold interrupt
• Simple output code, directly proportional to Lux
• 50Hz/60Hz rejection
• 2.5V to 3.3V supply
• 8 Ld ODFN (3mmx3mm)
• I2C address Selection

• Ambient light sensing
• Backlight control
• Temperature control systems
• Contrast control
• Camera light meters
• Lighting controls

Компоненты Описание : SDRAM Product Guide

SDRAM Product Guide

Memory Division
November 2007

Компоненты Описание : Transistors (Selection Guide by Applications and Functions)

Transistors (Selection Guide by Applications and Functions)

Switching Power Transistors

Компоненты Описание : MOS FET Relay Selection Guide

MOS FET Relay Selection Guide

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