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PT6601 is a Segment Driver LCD Driver IC utilizing CMOS Technology used for Large Scale Dot Matrix Liquid Crystal Graphic Displays. 80 bits of display data sent from a controller are latched using a 4-bit parallel transfer technique and LCD drive signals are generated. It can be used with Common LCD Driver, PT6630 to drive Large Screen LCD Panels.

• CMOS Technology
• Supports Display Duties from 1/64 to 1/256
• Operating Supply Voltage:
               VDD (Logic Block): 5V + 10%
               VDD -VEE (LCD Block): 12 to 32 V
• Operating Temperature: -20 to +75°C
• Supports Power Reduction in Large Scale Panel via a Chip Disable Pin
• LCD Drive Circuit for 80 bits Display
• 4 -Bit Parallel Data Input
• Maximum of 6.0 MHz Data Transfer Clock and Bidirectional Shifting Supported
• Available in C.O.B. or 100-pin, QFP Package

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