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MC10H351 Datasheet PDF : MC10H351 pdf     
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The MC10H351 is a quad translator for interfacing data between a saturated logic section and the PECL section of digital systems when only a +5.0 Vdc power supply is available. The MC10H351 has TTL/NMOS compatible inputs and PECL complementary open–emitter outputs that allow use as an inverting/non–inverting translator or as a differential line driver. When the common strobe input is at a low logic level, it forces all true outputs to the PECL low logic state (≈ +3.2 V) and all inverting outputs to the PECL high logic state (≈ +4.1 V).
The MC10H351 can also be used with the MC10H350 to transmit and receive TTL/NMOS information differentially via balanced twisted pair lines.

• Single +5.0 Power Supply
• All VCC Pins Isolated On Chip
• Differentially Drive Balanced Lines
• tpd = 1.3 nsec Typical


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