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M52778SP Datasheet PDF : M52778SP pdf     
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The M52778SP is a single-chip semiconductor integrated circuit to process signals of a color TV. Circuits to process video IF, sound IF, video, color, and deflection signals, a I2C bus control circuit, and D/A are build in this device.
This IC can be used not only for popular-type TV sets but also for middle-class TV sets. Combined with a SECAM chroma decoder, the M52325AP, this device can process signals of every type of TVs in the world by discriminating them fully automatically.

• A built-in I2C bus control circuit makes it possible to reduce the number of peripheral parts and rationalize production lines.
• Various filters (TRAP, BPF, Y-DL, RGB clamp) are build in this IC.
• PLL detection system is introduced to process video IF and voice IF. Furthermore, AFT coil is not necessary.
• DL aperture control
• Color signal frequency and vertical frequency of TVs of every type can be discriminated fully automatically.
• Horizontal/vertical countdown system
• V-Ramp output
• RGB output


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