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LHK376-QS Datasheet PDF : LHK376-QS pdf     
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• package: colorless, clear 3 mm (T1) package with specially shaped lens
• feature of the device: for backlighting and LCDs with use of a reflector; solder leads with stand-off
• wavelength: 645 nm (hyper-red)
• viewing angle: matched to use with external reflector, see diagram
• technology: GaAlAs
• optical efficiency: 6 lm/W
• grouping parameter: luminous flux
• soldering methods: TTW soldering
• packing: bulk, available taped on reel

• backlighting (LCD, switches, keys, displays, illuminated advertising, general lighting)
• interior automotive lighting (e.g. dashboard backlighting, etc.)
• coupling into light guides


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