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The LA75503V is an adjustment free VIF/SIF signal processing IC for PAL TV/VCR. It supports 38MHz, 38.9MHz, and 39.5MHz as the IF frequencies, as well as PAL sound multi-system (M/N, B/G, I, D/K), and contains an on-chip sound carrier trap and sound carrier BPF. To adjust the VCO circuit, AFT circuit, and sound filter, 4MHz external crystal or 4MHz external signal is needed.

• Internal VCO adjustment free circuit eliminating need for VCO coil adjustments.
• Internal sound carrier BPF and sound carrier trap enable easy configuration of PAL sound multi-system at low cost.
• Considerably reduces the number of required peripheral parts.
• Use of digital AFT eliminates problem of AFT tolerance.
• Package: SSOP30 (275 mil)

• VIF amplifier
• VCO adjustment free PLL detection circuit
• Digital AFT circuit
• Buzz canceller
• Equalizer amplifier
• Internal sound carrier BPF
• Internal sound carrier trap
• PLL-FM detector
• Reference oscillation circuit

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