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HFBR-5208AEMZ Datasheet PDF - Avago Technologies

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HFBR-5208AEMZ Datasheet PDF : HFBR-5208AEMZ pdf     
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The HFBR-5208xxxZ (multimode transceiver) from Avago allow the system designer to implement a range of solutions for ATM/SONET STS-12/SDH STM-4 applications.
The overall Avago transceiver consists of three sections: the transmitter and receiver optical subassemblies, an electrical subassembly and the mezzanine package housing which incorporates a duplex SC connector receptacle.

• Links of 500 m with 62.5/125 μm multimode fber (MMF) from 155-622 Mb/s
• RoHS compliant
• Compliant with ATM forum 622.08 Mb/s physical layer specifcation (AF-PHY-0046.000)
• Compliant with ANSI broadband ISDN - physical layer specifcation T1.646-1995 and T1.646a-1997
• HFBR-5208xxxZ is compliant with ANSI network to customer installation interfaces - synchronous optical NETwork (SONET) physical media dependent specifcation: multimode fber T1.416.01-1998
• Industry-standard multi-sourced 1 x 9 mezzanine package style
• Single +5 V power supply operation and PECL logic interfaces
• Wave solder and aqueous wash process compatible

• General purpose low-cost MMF links at 155 to 650 Mb/s
• ATM 622 Mb/s MMF links from switch-to-switch or switch-to-server in the end-user premise
• Private MMF inter connections at 622 Mb/s SONET STS-12/SDH STM-4 rate


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