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DMS-EB-ACDC Даташит - DATEL Data Acquisition products

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DMS-EB-ACDC 100-264Vac Power Supply Accessory Board for DMS-30PC/LCD Panel Meters Datel
DATEL Data Acquisition products  Datel
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DMS-EB-ACDC Datasheet PDF : DMS-EB-ACDC pdf   
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This low-cost accessory board provides an easy way of powering all DMS-30PC-X-RL (red low-power models only), as well as all DMS-30LCD and DMS-40LCD (non-backlit, +5V-powered models only) panel meters from 100-264Vac (50/60Hz). The on-board AC/DC converter provides an isolated +5Vdc to power the meter’s electronics, while providing 1500Vac isolation between the AC supply and the input signal being measured. Line power and input signals connect to two rugged, screw-style terminal blocks (TB1 & TB2) permanently mounted on the DMS-EB-AC/DC. This type of terminal block provides reliable mechanical connections and eliminates the need for any extra wiring harness connectors.

? Allows meters to operate from 100 to 240Vac (50/60Hz)
? Screw-type terminal block connections
? Provides 1500V isolation between AC supply and input signal
? Has prototyping features of the standard DMS-EB board
? On-board solder gaps for decimal point placement
? Same size as DMS-30/40 meters 2.02" (51.3mm)L x 0.82" (20.8mm)W
? Low cost

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