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D60NF3LL Даташит - Texas Instruments

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D60NF3LL N-channel 30V - 0.0075Ω - 60A - DPAK STripFET™ II Power MOSFET TI
Texas Instruments TI
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D60NF3LL Datasheet PDF : D60NF3LL pdf   
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This application specific Power MOSFET is the third genaration of STMicroelectronics unique “Single Feature Size™” strip-based process. The resulting transistor shows the best trade-off between on-resistance ang gate charge. When used as high and low side in buck regulators, it gives the best performance in terms of both conduction and switching losses. This is extremely important for motherboards where fast switching and high efficiency are of paramount importance.
General features   
■ Optimal RDS(ON) x Qg trade-off @ 4.5V
■ Conduction losses reduced
■ Switching losses reduced
■ Switching application

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