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CX25894 Даташит - Conexant Systems

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CX25894 Single-Chip, High-Performance (DVI) Digital Video Transmitter Conexant
Conexant Systems Conexant
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CX25894 Datasheet PDF : CX25894 pdf   
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DVI Compliancy and Dual Channel Support Numerous Applications

Conexant’s broadband communications portfolio includes a comprehensive suite of semiconductor solutions that enable the digital home and information network. Compliant with the Digital Visual Interface (DVI) industry specification, the CX25894/5/6 family of high performance, single-chip transmitters offers single or dual link output. Supporting up to two independent concurrent channels and two serial interfaces, this device is well suited for desktop PCs or any application that drives digital or flat panel displays.

Distinguishing Features
• Two independent channels (CX25895/6), providing simultaneous operation at different resolutions
• Low, mid and high-end solutions for varied customer applications
• Lowest cost solution and component count requiring smaller layout space
• HDCP 1.0 copy protection to secure digital entertainment content over DVI
• Compatible with industry standard DVI receivers, DVI 1.0 compliant
• Programmable impedance matching to work with marginal or non-compliant receivers
• Pin compatibility among all series members


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