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[CR Chip-Rail]

CR6203 is designed for cost-effective AC/DC converters High-performance current mode PWM switch designed by the system Provides up to a wide voltage range of AC90V-265V 12W continuous output power. CR6203 uses unique Kai Dynamic circuit structure, which significantly reduces the power of the starting resistor Consumption, increased system startup speed; at light load or no negative At load, CR6203 automatically reduces the operating frequency and reduces the system System standby power consumption. CR6203 has complete protection function Energy, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, temperature protection and per week Current limit and other protection features improve the reliability of the power supply Sex. The switching frequency is set by an external capacitor and can be For different customer needs.

● Extremely low static power consumption,
   low power consumption when no output 0.3W
● Built-in high-voltage power switch
● Reduce the standby power when outputting light-frequency down function
● Built-in slope compensation
● Built-in leading edge blanking circuit prevents system malfunction
● Over-current protection and cycle-by-cycle current limit protection
● Built-in thermal protection circuit
● VCC overvoltage and undervoltage protection
● When the power transistor is turned off, the BE junction is reversed,
   increasing the power Pressure resistance of the tube
● Wide voltage output power up to 12W, narrow voltage output Power up to 18W
● Pb-Free DIP-8L Package

Application area
● AC/DC adapters, such as mobile phone chargers, external
   Power box
● Green energy-efficient home appliances, such as induction cookers,
   Microwave oven

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