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BF1102,115 Даташит - NXP Semiconductors.

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BF1102,115 Dual N-channel dual gate MOS-FETs NXP
NXP Semiconductors. NXP
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BF1102,115 Datasheet PDF : BF1102,115 pdf   
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The BF1102 and BF1102R are both two equal dual gate MOS-FETs which have a shared source pin and a shared gate 2 pin. Both devices have interconnected source and substrate; an internal bias circuit enables DC stabilization and a very good cross-modulation performance at 5 V supply voltage; integrated diodes between the gates and source protect against excessive input voltage surges. Both devices have a SOT363 micro-miniature plastic package.
• Two low noise gain controlled amplifiers in a single
• Specially designed for 5 V applications
• Superior cross-modulation performance during AGC
• High forward transfer admittance
• High forward transfer admittance to input capacitance
    Gain controlled low noise amplifier for VHF and UHF
    applications such as television tuners and professional
    communications equipment.

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