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APX9267 Datasheet PDF : APX9267 pdf     
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General Description
The APX9267 is a single phase full wave motor driver for DC fan motor, and speed controlled by PWM input signal. The output signal of this IC is the amplified hall input signal. It is suitable for both game machine and CPU cooler that need silent drivers. The device is built-in lock protection. When fan is locked, the device will enter the lockup protection mode. It is also with thermal shutdown function. In normal operation, supply current is less than 5mA, but in PWM=0 standby mode, it is just around 150mA. Moreover, this feature will shutdown Amplifier and FG. The APX9267 is available in MSOP-8 package.

• Single Phase Full Wave Fan Driver
• Silent Driver
• Low Supply Current
• Low Standby Current (Lock mode TOFF or PWM=0 duty), Supply current less than 220mA
• Speed Controllable by PWM Input Signal
• Built-in Quick Start Function
• Lock Protection and Auto Restart Function
• Built-in FG Output
• Built-in Thermal Protection Circuit
• Lead Free and Green Devices Available (RoHS Compliant)

• Motor Drivers For Silent Fan Motors


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