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APT100GF60JU2 Даташит - Advanced Power Technology

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Advanced Power Technology  APT
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APT100GF60JU2 Datasheet PDF : APT100GF60JU2 pdf   
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• Non Punch Through (NPT) THUNDERBOLT IGBT®
    - Low voltage drop
    - Low tail current
    - Switching frequency up to 100 kHz
    - Soft recovery parallel diodes
    - Low diode VF
    - Low leakage current
    - Avalanche energy rated
    - RBSOA and SCSOA rated
• ISOTOP® Package (SOT-227)
• Very low stray inductance
• High level of integration

• Outstanding performance at high frequency operation
• Stable temperature behavior
• Very rugged
• Direct mounting to heatsink (isolated package)
• Low junction to case thermal resistance
• Easy paralleling due to positive TC of VCEsat

• AC and DC motor control
• Switched Mode Power Supplies
• Power Factor Correction
• Brake switch


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