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APA7063J Datasheet PDF : APA7063J pdf     
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General Description
The APA7063 is a monolithic integrated circuit that provides DC volume control, and a stereo bridged audio power amplifiers capable of producing 1.5W(1.2W) into 8Ω with less than 10%(1.0%) THD+N. APA7063 provides a volume control pin DC_Vol determines the attenuation of output of the amplifiers. The attenuator range s from 0dB (DC_Vol=0.7VDD) to –105dB (DC_Vol=0V) with 32 steps. Both of the depop circuitry and the thermal shutdown protection circuitry are integrated in the APA7063, that reduces pops and clicks noise during power up and when using the shutdown modes and protects the chip from being destroyed by over temperature failure.

• Operating Voltage: 3.3V to 5V
• DC Volume Control Interface, 0dB to –105dB
• Depop Circuitry Integrated
• Thermal shutdown protection circuitry
• High supply voltage ripple rejection
• Low Supply Current, IDD = 13mA at Stereo BTL
• Low Shutdown Current, IDD = 0.7µA
• Bridge-Tied Load (BTL) or Single-Ended-(SE) Modes Operation
• Output Power at 1% THD+N, VDD=5V -1.2 W/Ch (typ) into an 8Ω Load
• Output Power at 10% THD+N, VDD=5V -1.5 W/Ch (typ) into an 8Ω Load
• Low Crossover Distortion
• Low Quiescent Current
• Bridge-tied or Stereo(Single-ended) Configurations

• Portable and Desktop Computers
• Multimedia Monitors
• Portable Radios, PDAs, and Portable TVs


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