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General Description
The AME8817 family of positive, linear regulators feature low quiescent current (35µA typ.) with low dropout voltage, making them ideal for battery applications.
Output voltages are set at the factory and trimmed to 1.5% accuracy.
These rugged devices have both thermal shutdown, and current fold-back to prevent device failure under the "worst" of operating conditions.
In applications requiring a low noise, regulated supply, place a 1000pF capacitor between Bypass and Ground.
An additional feature is a "Power Good" detector, which pulls low when the output is out of regulation.
The AME8817 is stable with an output capacitance of 4.7µF or greater.

● Very Low Dropout Voltage
● Guaranteed 1.5A Output
● Accurate to within 1.5%
● 35µA Quiescent Current Typically
● Over-Temperature Shutdown
● Current Limiting
● Short Circuit Current Fold-back
● Noise Reduction Bypass Capacitor
● Power Good Output
● Power-Saving Shutdown Mode
● Space-Saving DDPAK-7 Package
● Low Temperature Coefficient

● Instrumentation
● Portable Electronics
● Wireless Devices
● PC Peripherals
● Battery Powered Widgets


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