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AMC-AMS-162 Datasheet PDF : AMC-AMS-162 pdf     
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M/A-COM’s AM-162 is a coupler feedback amplifier with high intercept and compression points. The use of coupler feedback minimizes noise figure and current in a high intercept amplifier. This amplifier is packaged in a flatpack with flanges. Due to the internal power dissipation the thermal rise minimized. The ground plane on the PC board should be configured to remove heat from under the package. AM-162 are ideally suited for use where a high intercept, high reliability amplifier is required.

■ 1.1 dB Typical Low Noise Figure @ 50 MHz
■ +15 dBm Typical High Output Power @ 50 MHz
■ +32 dBm Typical Third Order Intercept @ 50 MHz
■ Fully Hermetic Package (AM-162, AMS-162)


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