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AM93LC56 Datasheet PDF : AM93LC56 pdf     
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General Description
The AM93LC56 is the 2048-bit non-volatile serial EEPROM. It is manufactured by using ATCs advanced CMOS EEPROM technology. The AM93LC56 provides efficient non-volatile read/write memory arranged as 128 words of 16 bits each when the ORG Pin is connected to VCC and 256 words of 8 bits each when it is tied to ground. The instruction set includes read, write, and write enable/disable functions. The data out pin (DO) indicates the status of the device during the self-timed non-volatile programming cycle.

• State-of-the-art architecture
   - Non-volatile data storage
   - Standard voltage and low voltage operation Vcc: 2.7V ~ 5.5V
   - Full TTL compatible inputs and outputs
   - Auto increment read for efficient data dump
• Hardware and software write protection
   - Defaults to write-disabled state at power up
   - Software instructions for write-enable/disable
   - VCC level verification before self-timed programming cycle
• Advanced low voltage CMOS EEPROM technology
• Versatile, easy-to-use interface
   - Self-timed programming cycle
   - Automatic erase-before-write
   - Programming status indicator
   - Word and chip erasable
   - Stop SK anytime for power savings
• Durability and reliability
   - 40 years data retention
   - Minimum of 1M write cycles per word
   - Unlimited read cycles
   - ESD protection


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