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ALZ11B05 Datasheet PDF : ALZ11B05 pdf     
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1. Low profile type with height of 15.7 mm
   Slim, low profile type with dimensions of 28.8 (L) × 12.5 (W) × 15.7 (H) mm 1.134 (L) × .492 (W) × .618 (H) inch.
2. High insulation resistance
   Superior insulation characteristics have been achieved by maintaining an insulation distance between coil and contacts of at least 10 mm for both creepage distance and clearances. Furthermore, anti-surge voltage is 10 kV and higher. (Supports European reinforced insulation requirement.)
3. Superior heat resistance
   Can be used in ambient temperatures up to 85°C 185°F for the class B and 105°C 221°F for the class F.
4. Low operating power
   Power saved with a nominal operating power of only 400 mW.
5. Conforms to the various safety standards:
   UL, C-UL, VDE approved.
6. Superior heat resistance and tracking resistance
   EN60335-1 GWT compliant (Tested by VDE) type available (Excluding TMP type)
7. TMP type also available.

1) Household electrical appliances TV, CATV, Audio equipment, Microwave ovens, and Heaters, etc.
2) Office equipment Copy machines, Packaged air conditioners, and Vending machines
3) Industrial equipment Machine tools, Robots, and Temperature controllers


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