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The plerowTM ALE-series is the compactly designed surface-mount module for the use of the LNA with or without the following gain blocks in the infrastructure equipment of the mobile wireless (CDMA, GSM, PCS, PHS, WCDMA, DMB, WLAN, WiBro, WiMAX), GPS, satellite communication terminals, CATV and so on. It has an exceptional performance of low noise figure, high gain, high OIP3, and low bias current. The stability factor is always kept more than unity over the application band in order to ensure its unconditionally stable implementation to the application system environment. The surface-mount module package including the completed matching circuit and other components necessary just in case allows very simple and convenient implementation onto the system board in mass production level.

• S21 = 26.8 dB @ 1920 MHz
          = 25.2 dB @ 2170 MHz
• NF of 0.80 dB over Frequency
• Unconditionally Stable
• Single 5V Supply
• High OIP3 @ Low Current


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