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ADV7192KST Datasheet PDF : ADV7192KST pdf     
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The ADV7192 is part of the new generation of video encoders from Analog Devices. The device builds on the performance of previous video encoders and provides new features like interfacing progressive scan devices, Digital Noise Reduction, Gamma Correction, 4× Oversampling and 54 MHz operation, Average Brightness Detection, Black Burst Signal Generation, Chroma Delay, an additional Chroma Filter, and other features.

   Six High-Quality 10-Bit Video DACs
   10-Bit Internal Digital Video Processing
   Multistandard Video Input
   Multistandard Video Output
   4x Oversampling with Internal 54 MHz PLL
   Programmable Video Control Includes:
      Digital Noise Reduction
      Gamma Correction
      Black Burst
      LUMA Delay
      CHROMA Delay
      Multiple Luma and Chroma Filters
      Luma SSAF™ (Super Subalias Filter)
   Average Brightness Detection
   Field Counter
   Macrovision Rev. 7.1
   CGMS (Copy Generation Management System)
   WSS (Wide Screen Signaling)
   Closed Captioning Support.
   Teletext Insertion Port (PAL-WST)
   2-Wire Serial MPU Interface (I2C®-Compatible
      and Fast I2C)
   I2C Interface
   Supply Voltage 5 V and 3.3 V Operation
   80-Lead LQFP Package

   DVD Playback Systems
   PC Video/Multimedia Playback Systems
   Progressive Scan Playback Systems


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