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Digital isolators with iCoupler® technology enable designers to implement isolation in designs without the cost, size, power, performance, and reliability constraints found with optocouplers. iCoupler digital isolators also meet the wide range of creepage/clearance requirements and are the industry’s only digital isolators with certifed 8 mm creepage. With more than half a billion channels shipped into the feld, these magnetically isolated products meet the same rigid safety standards as optocouplers.

Portfolio Offerings
• Single and multichannel data isolators
• Digital isolators with isolated power: isoPower®
• USB isolators
• Isolated gate drivers
• I2C® digital isolators
• Isolated CAN transceivers
• Isolated RS-485 transceivers
• Isolated RS-232 transceivers
• Isolated Σ-∆ modulators

Wide Range of Applications
With over 750 million channels of isolation shipped into the feld, iCoupler digital isolators are used in applications such as:
• Medical devices
• Power supply/regulation systems
• Instrumentation devices
• Networking equipment
• Metering
• Battery charging systems
• Light and building controls
• Industrial process controls
• Motor drives
• Solar/wind energy
• Communications
• Industrial feld buses
• Automotive systems
• All iCoupler devices can undergo
   AEC-Q100 automotive qualifcation.
   Please contact your local sales
   representative for more information.


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