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ACE1085G Даташит - ACE Technology Co., LTD.

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ACE1085G 3A Low Dropout Linear Regulator ACE
ACE Technology Co., LTD. ACE
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ACE1085G Datasheet PDF : ACE1085G pdf   
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The ACE1085G is a low dropout positive adjustable or fixed-mode regulator with minimum of 3A output current capability. The product is specifically designed to provide well-regulated supply for low voltage IC applications such as high-speed bus termination and low current 3.3V logic supply. ACE1085G is also well suited for other applications such as VGA cards. ACE1085G is guaranteed to have <1.4V dropout at full load current making it ideal to provide well-regulated outputs of 1.25 to 5.0V with 4.7 to 12V input supply by different output voltage.

● 3-Terminal Adjustable ofr fixed 1.5V,1.8V,2.5V,3.3V,5.0V
● 1.4V Maximum Dropout at Full Load current
● Fast Transient response
● Built-in Thermal Shutdown
● Output current limiting


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