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2N6671 5-A Switch Max Power Transistors ETC
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2N6671 Datasheet PDF : 2N6671 pdf   
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5-A Switch Max Power Transistors

High-Voltage N-P-N Types for Off-Line Power Supplies and Other High-Voltage Switching Applicaitons


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Номер в каталогеКомпоненты ОписаниеPDFпроизводитель
2N6686 25-A Switch Max Power Transistors 2N6686 View Unspecified
W005L Single-phase glass passivated silicon bridge rectifier. Max recurrent peak reverse voltage 800V, max RMS bridge input voltage 560V, max DC blocking voltage 800V. Max average forward rectified output current 1.5A at Ta=50degC. W005L View Rectron Semiconductor
IN4942 1.0A, fast recovery rectifiers. Max recurrent peak reverse voltage 1000 V, max RMS voltage 700 V, max D. C blocking voltage 1000 V. IN4942 View Jinan Gude Electronic Device
E210 Red & green T-1 3/4 bi-color LED(two leads). Lens white diffused. Luminous intensity at 20mA 20mcd(min), 50mcd(max)(red); 12.5mcd(min), 40mcd(max)(green). Forward voltage at 20mA 2.0V(typ), 2.5V(max)(red); 2.2V(typ), 2.5V(max)(green). E210 View Gilway Technical Lamp
STG3684A Low voltage 0.5 Ω max dual SPDT switch with break-before-make STG3684A View STMicroelectronics
MC33293A QUAD LOW SIDE SWITCH (RDS(on) = 0.25 Ω Max per Output) MC33293A View Motorola => Freescale
ER2D-AU Surface mount superfast rectifier. Max recurrent peak reverse voltage 200V. Max average forward rectified current 2.0 A. ER2D-AU View PANJIT INTERNATIONAL
SOT-25 A : MIN 0.90 MAX 1.30 A1 : MIN 0.00 MAX 0.15 SOT-25 View AME, Inc
SOT-23 A : MIN 0.90 MAX 1.40 A1 : MIN 0.00 MAX 0.15 SOT-23 View AME, Inc

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