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2N5116-E3 Даташит - Vishay Semiconductors

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2N5116-E3 P-Channel JFETs Vishay
Vishay Semiconductors Vishay
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2N5116-E3 Datasheet PDF : 2N5116-E3 pdf   
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The 2N5114 series consists of p-channel JFET analog switches designed to provide low on-resistance, good off-isolation, and fast switching. These JFETs are optimized for use in complementary switching applications with the Vishay Siliconix 2N4856A series.

● Low On-Resistance: 2N5114 <75 
● Fast Switching—tON: 16 ns
● High Off-Isolation—ID(off): –10 pA
● Low Capacitance: 6 pF
● Low Insertion Loss

● Low Error Voltage
● High-Speed Analog Circuit Performance
● Negligible “Off-Error,” Excellent Accuracy
● Good Frequency Response
● Eliminates Additional Buffering

● Analog Switches
● Choppers
● Sample-and-Hold
● Normally “On” Switches
● Current Limiters


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